After years writing for and performing in live theater, American Dream Players came together as a radio theater entity in 2014. Creating original works for the Pomo Project, KOWS radio, and now, for PRX (the Public Radio Exchange), we devote our energies to writing and rehearsing as well as to recording and editing in Hoffmann Studios in Occidental, CA.

Our series of comic shorts, "The Hot Rocks!", probes day-to-day life in a struggling rock band, while our history series ironically explores the true stories that have brought us to where we are now. We cherish public radio as a forum in which the emphasis, rather than being on glitz and gimmicks, is on content and performance. 

 We are proud to announce that we are now listed with and have sold shows airing in Ohio, Alaska and Nevada!
Years of live theatre performances have led us to streaming live on FM radio! Specializing in original, relevant, comic and musical radio theatre, half-hour shows are available for use by public radio stations online in mp3 format and on CD in wave format. 
All historical timeframes are topics for great conversation. Original shows include, among others, "You Are Where?", "Warp 60's", "Hemp!", "Likker' n' Lead", "Johnny Nickel", "Close One" and "High Stakes".

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