After years writing for and performing in live theater, American Dream Players came together as a radio theater entity in 2014. Creating original works for the Pomo Project, KOWS radio, and now, for PRX (the Public Radio Exchange), we devote our energies to writing and rehearsing as well as to recording and editing in Hoffmann Studios in Occidental, CA.

Our series of comic shorts, "The Hot Rocks!", probes day-to-day life in a struggling rock band, while our history series ironically explores the true stories that have brought us to where we are now. We cherish public radio as a forum in which the emphasis, rather than being on glitz and gimmicks, is on content and performance. 

JANEY HIRSH After years working and touring in live theater and puppetry, finds that writing radio comedy for this particular group is what gets her out of bed in the morning.

MICHAEL MONAHAN Studied philosophy in college, had a career shift to boilermaker on ships at Hunter's Point, and another to acting - possibly an inheritance from his grandfather, a vaudeville street performer in New York City.

ROXANNE JACOBS A natural performer, an inspired actor of many voices, Roxanne is a native of Evanston Illinois, who is from Chicago; and has acted with American Dream at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.

MARC HIRSCHMAN Discovered acting in college, arrived on April Fools' day at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital and learned early to hide under his desk, awaiting Armageddon.

SANDY FELDHORN A native New Yorker who grew up in Los Angeles, Sandy is a musician (sax, flute, piccolo, percussion) who plays with the band "Old School" as well as being an actor and former teacher of the deaf.

JOE HOFFMAN Born in Greenwich Village, raised in rural Connecticut. Psychology degree from UConn. Member of the American Society for Psychical Research.  Came to San Francisco during the summer of love, 1967. Ran a pottery school/studio in SF. Moved to Sonoma County mid 70's Built recording studio in 1981. Grew up on old time radio, The Great Gildersleeves, Fibber McGee, Inner Sanctum, and The Outer Limits. Love producing radio shows with the Players!  

ARNOLD LEVINE Born and raised in London, England, ran  the infamous pirate radio station, Radio Concord, in the seventies and was the first ever to air The Clash.  After picking grapes in Southern France and hanging out with Bedouins in Egypt, Arnold spent his most recent forty years as a  California resident, mechanical engineer, promoter of energy conservation, vegetarian, activist, and proud father of a brilliant daughter and courageous son.  A fan of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, rollerblading, and Monty Python,  Arnold hosts the show every Friday eve at seven PST on

ELLA LINSLEY is thirteen years old, was born and raised in Sonoma County, and loves being at our beaches in any kind of weather.  She recalls that her first word was 'dog', and that, subsequently, she has always had great compassion for her animal friends. Ella is creative and passionate about the arts, including writing poetry, painting, making 'objets de art' and singing; in fact her school choir recently won first place in a San Francisco Bay Area competition.  Ella is also an athlete, having received first place medals for sportsmanship, accuracy, and distance in soccer at her school's summer olympics.  Ella works and plays hard, and has a wicked sense of humor!  Acting with the Players is the highlight of her summer!








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